Sande Sisneros


About the Artist

1958 b. Albuquerque, New Mexico
Lives and works in Lancaster, CA

Powered by a fascination with the uniqueness of natural forms and distaste for conformity, Sande Sisneros’ work stems from spontaneity and imagination rather than formal studies or repetition.

Over the course of her self-taught career, her works have challenged sight, memory, nature, the suppression of the individual and the suppression of mass populations. Her current body of work is a continuation of these themes.



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The Subliminal Sublime: The paintings of Sande Sisneros


It is impossible to find a coherent story in these paintings. They are not narratives but a type of poetry before words; psychic assemblages that are part dream, part memory and part fantasy. As viewers we become witnesses to a deep old secret that, paradoxically, can never be revealed to us. We feel we have arrived too early (before the secret is disclosed) or too late (after the event that created the secret)…

Lise Patt, The Subliminal Sublime









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Speculative Pentimenti Catalog

Working within the framework of the ICI’s 2012 research theme of “phantom worlds” and fueled by our long-held belief that all human activities leave behind a visual trace, Speculative Pentimenti presents a visual exploration of contemporary society through the works of artist and longtime associate Sande Sisneros.

The catalog features full color images alongside essays from Curator, Sue-Na Gay, and ICI Director Lise Patt.

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